我们是一家来自北京的设计工作室。我们擅长潮流年轻的视觉风格, 通过设计拉近产品与用户之间的距离, 提升品牌价值增加用户粘性。设计维度上,我们从平面到三维到动效的结合特点能更好的服务于商业目的达到多维度的内容呈现, 设计服务范围涵盖线上与线下,包装设计、品牌设计、/IP设计、动画设计、运营设计、插画设计等。

Nicelab is a design studio based in Beijing. We are an experienced team specialised in trendy youthful visual style, we aim to tighten the bound between users and the product through design, grow the brand value and strengthen customer stickiness. We provide services that cater to all types of commercial needs, from graphic design to motion design and 3D design. Our service can be both online and offline, ranging from package design, branding design, IP design, animation, operation design and illustration, etc.
网易游戏、腾讯新闻、咪咕音乐、POP MART、巧是喜饼、自生空间、小獾等