THE STEP是UZIS推出的运动拖鞋系列

THE STEP一方面源于它的脚底纹路,取材于“阿姆斯特朗第一次登月时留下的脚印”,另一方面也包含了UZIS对于“未知”的美好信仰,如果没有第一步,未知永远都是未知,如果没有第一步,UZIS永远只是现在的“UZIS”。


THE STEP is a series of sports slippers launched by UZIS

On the one hand, THE STEP is derived from the texture of its soles, which is based on "the footprints left by Armstrong when he first landed on the moon", and on the other hand, it also contains UZIS's beautiful belief in the "unknown". If there is no first step, the unknown will be forever It's all unknown, if there is no first step, UZIS will always be just "UZIS" now.

Because of the unknown, explore.