「凉方 LF-Herbify」是一家致力于打造年轻人喜欢的草本功能性软糖品牌,带来耳目一新的“国人养生新指南”,通过草本摄取变得身心健康、愉悦轻松。

「凉方 LF-Herbify」想要重新定义中国草本,打造东方生活美学。


"Liangfang LF-Herbify" is a brand dedicated to creating herbal functional gummies that young people like. It brings a refreshing "new guide to Chinese people's health care". Through herbal ingestion, you can become physically and mentally healthy, happy and relaxed.

"Liangfang LF-Herbify" wants to redefine Chinese herbs and create oriental life aesthetics.

In the packaging design for Liangfang, we also considered the characteristics of the product. How to combine traditional elements with modern design language is part of our thinking. For the two products, Good Dream Candy to assist sleep and Hot Blood Sugar to refresh the mind, we mainly start with "atmosphere" and "attributes", and carry out feature extraction and design through the combination of atmosphere and the characteristics of their own attributes.